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Find out what happens in the salon, information on products and treatments we provide.

By skyte, Feb 16 2017 07:27PM

Created by our one and only Karen, this is a unique new implement for removing ingrowing hairs. Quick and painless to do, no more gouging! Used regularly in salon, heres how-

Make sure your Tweez-U is disinfected then slide the hook into the hair folicle causing the problem. You will feel a little resistance when you find the hair, pull it gently out of the folicle then use the Tweezer part to pluck out the now exposed hair.

Tweez - U website will be up and running soon with demonstration videos for visual aide.

Will you be one of the first to buy this amazing new product?

By skyte, Jan 18 2016 12:57PM

Firstly... Happy New Year!!!

So before Christmas we introduced our 'Nail Artist in training kits' they sold out before we even had chance to advertise them! Anyway, there back!

Each jar contains loads of goodies to get you started with fab creations, there's glitters, caviar beads, flock , striping tape, nail art brushes and more.

The jars cost £14 and there's a 'top tips' card contained to help you out with some of the items. Since these were such a hit we've also introduced a pocket money refil station for those who'd like extra pieces to play with or to top their jars up with.

In here we have numerous coloured glitters, sequins, flocks, striping tape, stickers etc. They range from just 5p to £1.50 a piece, great for keeping your collection fresh.

By skyte, Nov 4 2015 10:16AM

The latest product to be sold at H'art & Soul is going down a storm. Use on colored hair between your hair appointments to touch up the root area. Dab into the desired area and the colour will last untill you wash it out. Also great on eyebrows to give that high definition effect, check out the results on Michelles eyebrows above.

Color Wow being sold in salon now for £28.50

By skyte, Apr 20 2015 09:58AM

Introducing.... Student Tuesdays! Bring a valid NUS card to your appointment and recieve 10% off treatments on a Tuesday untill the end of May.

Also as Michelle is picking up new skills keep an eye out for deals just with her. Currently you can have Minx toes with Michelle on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday for £20 instead of the usual £25, grab the deal while you can and have pretty feet ready for the sun to come out.

By skyte, Mar 18 2015 11:03AM

The pts above went head to head in a battle to stay hairy for Comic Relief. The guy with the most donations in his pot was to loose his armpit hair via waxing.

The (unlucky) winner was of course PT Joel Horsell, and just for fun PT Cordell Wilson was persuaded to join in for an extra donation from the club!

Every little helps and £52 was raised, which is enough to pay for a child living in poverty in Peru, to attend preschool for a whole YEAR

Here's the pics from the night.

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