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By skyte, Jan 1 2015 09:00AM

'Made in Cardiff' came to visit me on December 9th and what an experiance. Anyone who knows me knows I'm not big on public talking so to suddenely realise I had to do an interview with my thick lip (well timed coldsore!) was not great. I was all set up at the nail desk as usual when Maireclare and the camera guys arrived. Being in a gym it turned out the music was too loud for the background, a quick turn around and everything was moved into room two, where it then turned out the lighting was also not great. Great start the only extra light I had was the Minx heat lamp so things were getting rather warm making me look rather flustered in the first interview. After the speaking I relaxed a bit and the nails I think went rather well, French with Snowflakes. The first section aired on the 'Made in Cardiff' channel on the 'Whats occuring Cardiff' show on December 10th 2014

We then went into room one for the brows section. Again another interview before we started then I threaded one brow and waxed the other. This section aired on December 18th 2014

While the nails were happenening we also talked a little about treatments people like in January which has not yet been aired, it should be on the 5th/6th of January. I'll put a link in when it airs. All this we managed to do in just over an hour. Things could of gone better but if theres a next time I'll be prepared! Thankyou to Maireclare and the 'Made in Cardiff ' team for giving me the experiance.

By skyte, Oct 1 2014 07:00AM

Winter is the best time to get into a waxing routine, it's cold so legs and armpits are generally covered up, by the time u reach the summer you'll be into the swing of it and your hair growth will be in alignment so your wax lasts longer. If you wax regularly you can cause damage to the hair follicle resulting in your hair growing back finer or just stoping altogether.

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