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For the Parents

I've heard it over and over again at the salon ' I wish my mum had started me waxing'.  Well here's your chance.  Ultimately it's up to your daughters if they want to be waxed but then we need your permission too.  


I've had numerous mothers speak to me on this subject recently so I've taken to Google to see what people think.  It seems everyone has a view on the subject: what age is right for waxing, nail varnish, make-up etc. People will frown upon someone taking their young daughter for a wax but personally if they are self conscious about it or are being bullied I'd do it for my daughter A.S.A.P.  Some girls will be fair for years and not notice their hair untill they are 13 and everyone else is removing it, while other girls will be dark and noticing hair at 8 so who's to say what's right or wrong for your daughter.


I would not advocate girls starting waxing just off the back of watching one of the reality TV shows they are fond of or because 'so in so' does it.  Waxing needs to be something your daughter wants to start for herself.  After all it's not for everyone and all hair removal methods have their pros and cons.


Is Waxing for you?

Waxing usually lasts about three weeks.

Hair grows through with a fine point not a blunt edge so is less noticeable.

Some peoples hairs grow back finer and sparser over time.

You do need to let your hair grow to half an inch for the removal to be effective.

Some people can't cope with the sensation.